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The Quest To Rebuild My Site

My first blog post. Inspired by the tech used to recreate my personal website.

About a month ago I’ve been looking into rebuilding my site, to make it look better and also feel better to use. I was curious if I should try out another framework from the current one I used which was NextJS. As someone who works daily in both front and back end environments, I am a big fan of NextJS but I have been constantly hearing about a new framework called Astro.

Astro that is specifically built for SSG, which is exactly what I need for a personal site. NextJS can also handle SSG quite well, but what brought Astro to my attention was the relatively new concept of partial hydration. Because my personal site is mostly static content, minimizing javascript is a massive win in the performance department. I went ahead and started looking into the world of Astro.

Getting Started With Astro

I went through some tutorials and briefly ran through the basics in the documentation. A very neat feature Astro has is prebuilt themes for sites. Anyone can create one and submit a theme for everyone to use. Since I’m just beginning to pick up Astro, I decided to pick up a theme and tinker around with it. I ended up going with the AstroWind theme.

I’ll be sharing what my experiences are in the next post. Stay tuned.

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